Mirror Gold Acrylic Collection

If you’re saying your “I dos” in an elegant, fancy or modern setting, the décor is going to be extra spotlighted. The flowers, lighting, table settings, signs and other details really stand out in a stylish, indoor setting, which all set the mood and atmosphere of your special day.

Your color scheme is highlighted in these locations, which makes mirror gold acrylic signs a perfect touch. The mirror gold acrylic lettering reflects the colors around the space to give a delightful hue and really enhance the other elements of your décor.

Acrylic Signs for Wedding in NEPA

Mounted on a crisp white acrylic backing, the lettering is laser cut from mirror gold acrylic creating unique, 3D signs!

Venues that Mirror Gold Acrylic signs make a great addition to:

  • Country Clubs
  • Inns & Hotels
  • Historic Buildings
  • Resorts
  • Vineyards
  • Estates

Photographers: Delorenzo Photography – Emily C. Taylor Photography

If you’re interested in renting mirror gold acrylic signs for your wedding or event, contact me today!


Reselling Wedding Signs

As a member of the wedding community, I’m in quite a few Facebook groups for Pennsylvania weddings. Some of these groups are for new goods and professional services (photography, hair & make up, etc.) and some are for consignment goods… but, the one thing I’ve been seeing A LOT is people posting their signs for sale after the wedding is over.

It’s rare these days to not have signs at your wedding. A lot of signs are featured at most weddings, such as gifts & cards, in memory, table numbers, and the list goes on. Many couples purchase these signs from shops on Etsy, and some couples make them themselves. But, then they’re stuck with them after the wedding is over; hence, why there’s so many used ones for sale online.

Whenever I see used signs for sale, my first thought is what a pain. To organize, photograph, price, list, store, respond to potential buyers, package & ship (or meet locally) all those signs is a huge inconvenience, especially when you’re only making about half of what you spent on them. Andddd, what if they don’t sell? You toss them. What a waste!

Why go through all that hassle? Well, of course it’s because you need those signs for your wedding. Yes, yes you do need them… but, you only need them for one day. Is it worth all that work?

When you rent signs from Borrowed Somethings, you choose your package, pick out your signs and accessories, then let me handle the rest! I will store the signs, package them, deliver them to your venue and pick them up after the event… all for a way better price than buying them.

View my packages and collections (wood or acrylic) to learn more about how you can save a ton of money and time by renting signs from Borrowed Somethings. Contact me with any questions! I can’t wait to help your wedding be a beautiful, stress-free event… before AND after!

Wood Sign Collection

Barn weddings, woodsy weddings, rustic weddings and forest weddings are very popular these days. With their intimate, romantic atmospheres, it’s easy to see why many couples choose to say their “I dos” in these locations.

Twinkle lights, greenery garlands and other details help bring these venues to life! Another great décor idea is rustic signs to help enhance your romantic feel and let your guests know what stations are where during your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

These are also beautiful venues for other celebrations, like bridal/baby showers, family reunions and other parties. Signs are versatile in the way of accommodating many occasions.

Event Locations that are Perfect for Wood Signs

Barn Events

Event barns are popping up all over Northeast PA and no matter how many there are, they are always booked! That’s because they offer the perfect location for a wedding, bridal shower or party.

With a rustic, country feel, barns fit perfectly with wooden signs. The different woods from the structure itself, paired with the wood grain and unique colors of the signs compliment each other and create a distinctive atmosphere.

Woodsy Events

Having an event in the middle of a forest is one of the most magical settings you can think of! Whether it’s a forest fairy baby shower or a romantic wooded wedding, your guests will be in awe of the natural scenery.

Accenting the surroundings with wood signs that are hand-painted will bring out the natural charm of the area.

Backyard Events

Many events are held in backyards (or front yards!) and they make for some of the most fun. A tent allows you to envision ANYTHING without the restriction of walls and furniture that are unremovable from your venue. Using twinkle lights, greenery and sheets to accent your tables and chairs is never a bad idea.

This also gives you the opportunity to place signs where ever you see fit and to tie them into your decoration details.

With over 20 wooden signs in the collection, suitable for almost any occasion, Borrowed Somethings is a great way to incorporate signage while saving time and money.

If you’re interested in renting wood signs for your wedding or event, contact me today!

Custom Rental Signs

Everyone loves event signs, especially custom ones that bring a personal feel to your occasion. So how do you rent a custom sign? Here’s the process:

The main theme of the sign (for example, this is a “welcome” sign) is hand painted to be permanent.
Custom, vinyl lettering is then applied to the sign.
The vinyl lettering can say ANYTHING!
After the rental, the vinyl lettering is removed so the sign can be customized with new lettering for the next event.

The vinyl lettering can say ANYTHING:

  • “to the wedding of Meg & Garin”
  • “to Hannah’s Bridal Shower”
  • “to our beginning”
  • “Thank you for celebrating the mom-to-be!”
  • “Please sit anywhere”
  • “Chelsea & Josh – June 12, 2021”
  • “The Beierle’s – Est. 6.12.21
  • and so on…

Customized rental signs are a great option to include a beautiful sign in your event, while avoiding the stress of making/buying and storing signs that you may have no use for afterwards. You don’t even have to apply the vinyl lettering yourself… I do it for you before the event! Return the sign after the event with the vinyl lettering still applied and I will remove it, too. SUPER EASY!

Available in a variety of options, both wood and acrylic. The wood signs are customized with white lettering to match the painted text and the acrylic signs are customized with gold lettering to match the 3D gold acrylic text.

The most popular signs to customize include welcome signs and hashtag signs.

welcome rental sign

Benefits of Renting Signage for your Wedding

So, you’ve picked your venue, caterer, planner, dress, hairstylist, photographer, entertainment and all the other major plans for your upcoming wedding. WHEW! What a relief… GO YOU!

There’s a lot to planning a wedding. And that’s an understatement. This is (most likely) the biggest event you will ever plan and there are so many details that go along with it. Once the large decisions are out of the way, there’s still an ongoing to do list to tackle. Somewhere in the midst of all that is the decorations. One of the main aspects of wedding decorations is signage.

You browse Etsy… There are thousands of options for signs available to purchase on Etsy. Most of them can be customized and they are all BEAUTIFUL! Or, you know someone who’s crafty and maybe can make you some signs. WOO-HOO, discount! (if they have time and are willing to help you out). Oh, but you’re on a budget and jeez, it shouldn’t be hard to make these sign yourself… definitely could be a DIY project.

These are all wonderful ways to have great signs at your wedding. But, here’s why RENTING signs is better…


Based on a guest list of about 100-120 guests, a wedding creates approximately 400-600lbs of waste! (Huffpost)

Waste, like uneaten food, napkins, invitations, wrapping paper and envelopes, flowers and… you guessed it – SIGNS. Instead of throwing them away and adding to the heaps of wedding garbage, rent them so they can be used over and over at beautiful celebrations.


The average cost of a wedding in Pennsylvania is $35,900 (TheKnot)

Hmmm… I don’t even know how to compare that. It costs the same as a car (and a NEW car, at that), or a nice down payment for a home. That’s a lot of money!

Have you looked at the price to purchase wedding signs? Here are some examples:

  • Welcome Sign ~ $35 (12″x12″) – $130 (20″x36″)
  • Gifts & Cards Sign ~ $20-30 (8″x10″)
  • Unplugged Ceremony Sign ~ $75 (18″x24″)
  • In Loving Memory Sign ~ $45 (11″x14″)

Renting signs from Borrowed Somethings cost 40-60% less than buying them! It’s a great way to keep your decorations within your budget without cutting back. Some of them can even be customized!


The storage space in your home should equal about 10% of the house’s square footage (BYHYU)

So, your home is 2,000sqft, then you should have about 200sqft of storage space for things like extra linens, seasonal decorations, children’s toys, winter clothes/jackets and all the other things we like to accumulate. Now, let’s add a number of signs to the pile. Where are they going?

If you rent them instead of purchase them, you don’t have to store them! (I do, but that’s my problem, haha)


What are you going to do with a sign that says “Gift & Cards,” or “Guestbook,” or “Unplugged Ceremony” after your wedding???? Well, you can give them to a loved one who is planning a wedding in the future. You also have the option of trying to sell them and make back some of the money you spent on them. However, where are they going in the meantime? (see paragraph above ↑)

You can try to make them yourself! Here’s a list of things you will need:

  • Wood
  • Saw
  • Sander
  • Stain
  • Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Finish
  • Acrylic
  • Laser cutter
  • Glue
  • TIME

I believe the last thing on that list is probably the hardest to come by while you’re planning a wedding, don’t you agree?

How convenient would it be to rent signs, have them delivered to your venue (or wedding planner) the day before your wedding, then have them picked up the day after? Seriously… SO EASY!

So, if you think it sounds like a wonderful idea to RENT signage for your wedding… CONTACT ME! I would LOVE to help you pick out the perfect signs for your big day.

Colray Creations & Borrowed Somethings

Colray Creations

When did you realize that you fell in love with doing something? For me, it was high school and it was painting. It started with sunsets and beaches. The colors, the palm trees and the clouds!! Oh, they were my favorite.

I kept painting as a hobby after high school. I would mainly gift my paintings to loved ones and sell one here and there. With the support of my friends and family, I expanded my horizons to other designs and finally decided to start Colray Creations in 2015 (it was originally called Pocono Paintings).

Currently, I enjoy painting on canvas, live edge wood and ornaments. I sell my artwork on Etsy and at craft fairs in Northeast PA.

Borrowed Somethings

When my husband, Derek, and I got married in 2016, I fell in love with the decorating details involved in weddings. I made some signs like “The Watering Hole” and a no seating chart sign.

The problem with these signs after the wedding was that I had no idea what to do with them! I ended up giving them away after storing them for a while.

A wonderful new wedding concept that I had been seeing was rentals. Renting furniture and decor was brilliant, so I thought “why not signs?”

So, Derek brought home some wood, I painted wedding and party themed text on it, and Borrowed Somethings was born!

Through Colray Creations and Borrowed Somethings, I’ve really found my passion and creative outlet. I hope you enjoy my work and find something that fits into your home or event.