Wood Sign Collection

Barn weddings, woodsy weddings, rustic weddings and forest weddings are very popular these days. With their intimate, romantic atmospheres, it’s easy to see why many couples choose to say their “I dos” in these locations.

Twinkle lights, greenery garlands and other details help bring these venues to life! Another great décor idea is rustic signs to help enhance your romantic feel and let your guests know what stations are where during your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.

These are also beautiful venues for other celebrations, like bridal/baby showers, family reunions and other parties. Signs are versatile in the way of accommodating many occasions.

Event Locations that are Perfect for Wood Signs

Barn Events

Event barns are popping up all over Northeast PA and no matter how many there are, they are always booked! That’s because they offer the perfect location for a wedding, bridal shower or party.

With a rustic, country feel, barns fit perfectly with wooden signs. The different woods from the structure itself, paired with the wood grain and unique colors of the signs compliment each other and create a distinctive atmosphere.

Woodsy Events

Having an event in the middle of a forest is one of the most magical settings you can think of! Whether it’s a forest fairy baby shower or a romantic wooded wedding, your guests will be in awe of the natural scenery.

Accenting the surroundings with wood signs that are hand-painted will bring out the natural charm of the area.

Backyard Events

Many events are held in backyards (or front yards!) and they make for some of the most fun. A tent allows you to envision ANYTHING without the restriction of walls and furniture that are unremovable from your venue. Using twinkle lights, greenery and sheets to accent your tables and chairs is never a bad idea.

This also gives you the opportunity to place signs where ever you see fit and to tie them into your decoration details.

With over 20 wooden signs in the collection, suitable for almost any occasion, Borrowed Somethings is a great way to incorporate signage while saving time and money.

If you’re interested in renting wood signs for your wedding or event, contact me today!