Custom Rental Signs

Everyone loves event signs, especially custom ones that bring a personal feel to your occasion. So how do you rent a custom sign? Here’s the process:

The main theme of the sign (for example, this is a “welcome” sign) is hand painted to be permanent.
Custom, vinyl lettering is then applied to the sign.
The vinyl lettering can say ANYTHING!
After the rental, the vinyl lettering is removed so the sign can be customized with new lettering for the next event.

The vinyl lettering can say ANYTHING:

  • “to the wedding of Meg & Garin”
  • “to Hannah’s Bridal Shower”
  • “to our beginning”
  • “Thank you for celebrating the mom-to-be!”
  • “Please sit anywhere”
  • “Chelsea & Josh – June 12, 2021”
  • “The Beierle’s – Est. 6.12.21
  • and so on…

Customized rental signs are a great option to include a beautiful sign in your event, while avoiding the stress of making/buying and storing signs that you may have no use for afterwards. You don’t even have to apply the vinyl lettering yourself… I do it for you before the event! Return the sign after the event with the vinyl lettering still applied and I will remove it, too. SUPER EASY!

Available in a variety of options, both wood and acrylic. The wood signs are customized with white lettering to match the painted text and the acrylic signs are customized with gold lettering to match the 3D gold acrylic text.

The most popular signs to customize include welcome signs and hashtag signs.

welcome rental sign