Colray Creations

Featuring canvas paintings, live edge wood paintings and seasonal décor, Colray Creations offers a variety of artwork for any style room.

Some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, others transform a yellow spot into the sun.”

Pablo Picasso

I’ve always been envious of photographers. They see something beautiful and capture it’s essence through angles, lighting and a million other aspects I cannot see. They inspire me to capture beautiful things as well, but through a way my talents shine. When I see beautiful photographs, it motivates me to put colors and textures together on a surface to create a new work of art. I do this through paint.

I started painting on canvas, and fell in love with it, in high school. I’ve continued painting on canvas but have also broadened my artwork to include painting on wood, glass and other types of canvas.

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In addition to local craft fairs, I also sell my creations on Etsy. Please visit my Etsy store for detailed descriptions and prices.

Here are the locations where you can see my artwork in person:

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