Reselling Wedding Signs

As a member of the wedding community, I’m in quite a few Facebook groups for Pennsylvania weddings. Some of these groups are for new goods and professional services (photography, hair & make up, etc.) and some are for consignment goods… but, the one thing I’ve been seeing A LOT is people posting their signs for sale after the wedding is over.

It’s rare these days to not have signs at your wedding. A lot of signs are featured at most weddings, such as gifts & cards, in memory, table numbers, and the list goes on. Many couples purchase these signs from shops on Etsy, and some couples make them themselves. But, then they’re stuck with them after the wedding is over; hence, why there’s so many used ones for sale online.

Whenever I see used signs for sale, my first thought is what a pain. To organize, photograph, price, list, store, respond to potential buyers, package & ship (or meet locally) all those signs is a huge inconvenience, especially when you’re only making about half of what you spent on them. Andddd, what if they don’t sell? You toss them. What a waste!

Why go through all that hassle? Well, of course it’s because you need those signs for your wedding. Yes, yes you do need them… but, you only need them for one day. Is it worth all that work?

When you rent signs from Borrowed Somethings, you choose your package, pick out your signs and accessories, then let me handle the rest! I will store the signs, package them, deliver them to your venue and pick them up after the event… all for a way better price than buying them.

View my packages and collections (wood or acrylic) to learn more about how you can save a ton of money and time by renting signs from Borrowed Somethings. Contact me with any questions! I can’t wait to help your wedding be a beautiful, stress-free event… before AND after!


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